Reinaldo Andara

Grating and its applications II

Electroforjadas steel fences system Security, aesthetics and easy installation at the best cost

In this installment we will develop the description of the characteristics of the new grating application of electroforged steel as a perimeter fencing system.

The attributes of this system are not limited only to the quality of materials and the technology applied in the manufacturing and galvanizing process already explained in the delivery of “Grating and its applications I” (see issue No. 90). In a more practical sense for the architect and the builder, very easy installation and handling systems result, with the result not negligible of being an option of significant lower cost when compared with traditional blacksmithing or other modalities.


Modular system of electroforjadas fences: the installation “friendly”

The standard modular system, consists of three elements:

  • A column formed by a profile “seagull” of section 80 x 5 mm (recommended for heights of enclosures up to 1 m), a tubular profile 3 “round with fins for bolted fixation of the modules or, a tubular of minimum section 90 x 90 mm for fixing by welding the modules.
  • A standard module of galvanized fence (4 frames to choose with option to 5 heights).
  • A set of stainless steel collapsible safety screw and nut.

The typical recommended installation begins with the requirement to empty a concrete curb with reinforcing steel that guarantees a minimum column embedment of 30 cm for the gull profile or 70 cm for the tubular profiles. Once this step is done, the panels are fixed to the columns by means of the security bolt system, to then rectify the alignment of the elements. Subsequently, the portion of the nuts is collapsed, leaving the system completely installed without additional welding or specialized work crews.

This typical installation can also be modified, if a pre-existing concrete base already exists. In this sense, the columns can be supplied at the required height and without anchors to be fixed by welding to previously anchored plates in the concrete or, provided with a base plate to fix by bolting to the concrete with any of the anchoring mechanisms distributed in the market.

Also the modular panels of fences can be fixed to any other type of columns, by means of traditional welding (with the use of electrodes for galvanizing). This allows the system to be “friendly” with any combination of column elements at the architect’s discretion.


Blacksmith panel … adaptable to any work

Additionally, the mesh panels are added to the previous elements, both in natural laminated and hot galvanized finishes. They can be obtained in two dimensions; namely:
1.56 m wide x 2.07 m long.
1.56 m wide x 3.12 m long.

With these mesh panels, it is possible to adapt any special measurement project from the cut on the sheet, using the same tools used in the conventional blacksmith shop, but with a minor investment of time, since the mesh is self-supporting and does not require adjustments or reinforcement points. In this regard, the requirement on site is reduced to the task of cutting the required shapes within a pattern that ensures the best use of the mesh.

It is no less important to note that the galvanized finish available in any of the presentations of our system, is the best guarantee of a long life without maintenance. This is achieved thanks to the fact that the finish is an alloy (not a surface coating) that covers the entire surface and comes from the use of the “hot dip” technique.

This innovative system is manufactured nationally by Steel Wire Mesh Grill, C.A. with the support of H. Welle, S.A., as distributor of its products through our network of offices, branches and representatives. Ensuring the continuity of supply and invaluable technical and commercial advice with direct support from the manufacturer.

The applications of this novel system are unlimited and therefore constitutes a novel creative challenge to be incorporated as an element in architectural projects and construction of buildings and public spaces. In that sense in H. Welle, S.A. We provide the most professional support and advice aimed at ensuring the right choice of the most appropriate standard for your project and ensure its supply.