Reinaldo Andara

Structural Tubular Profiles ECO-HSS

The construction of buildings with metallic structures has increased significantly in recent years in our country, this is given by the innumerable advantages that this type of structure presents: structural safety, speed of construction, lighter structures, aesthetics and freedom in architectural design ; as well as the development of the installed capacity of national production and the availability of updated technical information on the application of steel profiles.

Among the most outstanding products for the construction of buildings nationwide, we have the Profiles

ECO Structural tubular carbon steel cold-formed and longitudinal seam by electrical resistance welding ERW (Electrical-Resistance-Weld) manufactured by Industrias Unicon, C.A. according to ASTM A-500 standard, regularly in grade “C” which has a yield strength of Fy = 3515 Kgf / cm2 (50,000 psi). They enjoy a great acceptance in the market, thanks to the innumerable benefits that they give to the designer, constructors, sponsor and finally to the users of the structure.

As proof of this we have seen the application of tubular profiles in the different types of structures in our country.

  • Housing: single-family, two-family and multi-family homes.
  • Commercial: ceilings of shopping centers, mezzanine markets, stairs.
  • Health: hospitals, offices, clinics.
  • Sports and services: roofs for sports courts, stadiums, gyms.
  • Warehouses: industrial, agroindustrial and commercial.
  • Telecommunications towers
  • Support for antennas
  • Automotive applications
  • Pedestrian and vehicular bridges.
  • Road defenses.
  • Posts: electric transmission, lighting, for traffic lights, flags.
  • Mass transport stations: terminals, railways, metro, metrocables.
  • Commercial fences. Road signs, among many other uses.

The tubular profiles are sold in the Venezuelan market, through a wide network of distributors of recognized solvency and seriousness at a national level, in three presentations: circular, rectangular and square, of different sizes, each one of them presents favorable characteristics to be used as structural members.

It stands out, as an informative point, that tubular steel profiles are internationally designated as

HSS (Hollow Structural Sections), this was officially adopted from 1990 by the industry of structural tubular profiles. The designation that occurs in our nation varies, however the most common are: ECO (Structural Conduven: product of Unicon Industries CA before called Conduven) plus ASTM A-500 due to the international standard of product manufacture, or in some cases only ASTM A-500 appears, we also have the oldest one when the tubular structural products enter the market: ECO Conduven. Our recommendation for the identification of Unicon structural tubular products, in the specifications of a project: descriptive memory, drawings (basic engineering, workshop, assembly), among other technical documents, is as follows: ECO ASTM A-500 more the Degree of steel. For example: ECO ASTM A-500 Gr. C. 260x260x11 or ECO260x260x11 ASTM A-500 Gr. C

The identification of the profiles is very important both in the plans and in the work, since in this way it can be certified that the product meets all the quality requirements demanded by the manufacturing standard: where the various destructive tests are established and non-destructive that allow the correct certification of the product for structural use. For this reason, we urge the professionals in charge of the inspection tasks to verify, through the quality certificates, that the product is appropriate for structural use.

Specifically the steel tubular profiles are used in buildings as columns (all vertical members that support mainly axial load), beams: seismic, load, floor, roof (members arranged horizontally or with inclination, which resist mainly bending moments) and diagonal bracing members that resist axial forces. These members are those that make up the metal structure, and they must be connected efficiently by welding and / or bolts, with the purpose of integrating the structural system, which must transmit the loads to the foundation system and this to the ground.

It should be noted that the selection of connections and joining means is of vital importance and will depend on the nature of the work (structural system, use of work, seismic zone, among other variables), since they are the ones that guarantee the stability of the steel structure and therefore the integrity of the building. That is why we must take special care in the classification, calculation, design and construction of the connections of any metal structure. Another aspect to consider in the use of tubular profiles, is their use as a mixed section, that is, they can be filled with structural concrete without or with reinforcing steel, which allows the increase of the strength and rigidity of the structural member, as well as , resistance to fire and corrosion, reduces formwork and assembly time.

On the other hand, we want to highlight that Industrias Unicon, C.A. In 2011 he published the First Manual of Design of Steel Structures with Tubular Profiles in the country, which contains the state of the art for the correct design of steel structures for buildings with tubular products made of carbon steel manufactured under the norm ASTM A-500. We highly recommend your inquiry, if you intend to venture into the design of structures with tubular profiles or when it is related to a project where its use is estimated.

Definitely the tubular structural products manufactured by Unicon, have a preponderant role in the construction of buildings in the country, due to the multiple advantages they grant; For this reason we do not hesitate to suggest them for the construction of buildings. We also urge that the design, manufacture and construction of the steel structure be carried out by people with competence in the area, in order to generate high performance structures; safe, durable and economic. We remind you that UNICON is available for advice or technical support to anyone who needs to know a little more about the application of ECO ASTM A500 steel tube profiles.