The T Profile is a new structural element designed to be used as straps in slabs of mezzanines and ceilings of tabelones or panels (clay, anime, wood, etc.), where ease of assembly, low weight and economy represents its greatest attraction as part of a constructive system that is safe and accessible to everyone.

The ECO T profile serves as the main supporting element on which the panels or panels that serve as formwork for the reinforced concrete slab rest, thus obtaining a mixed steel-concrete construction system that is easy to assemble.

Propiedades :

  • characteristics
  • Design Considerations
  • Chemical and Mechanical Properties
  • Transverse Cutting of the Slab
Weight 26.64 Kg - 53.28 Kg
Long 6.00 mts - 12.00 mts
Thickness (e) 3.40 mm
Inertia (Ix) 68,07 cm4
Section Module (Sx) 10,05 cm3
Area 5,65 cm2
Height (h) 100 mm

(*) Other lengths: On request

For the purposes of using the ECO T Profile it is recommended to take into account the following maximum considerations of load and length of service:
Consideration Ceiling Mezzanine
Max Load (Kg / m2) 234 661
Max length (m) 3.40 4.00
Moment Max (kg * m) 377 764
ASTM A 572 Chemical Properties (maximum%) Properties (minimum%)
C (Carbon) Mn (Manganese) P (Phosphorus) S (Sulfur) Fluence (psi) Traction (psi) % Elong
Grade 50 0,23 1,35 0,035 0,035 50,000 65,000 21

The minimum final thickness of the slab should be 13 cm